We install many different organization systems to help enhance your garage or basement, and make organizing your things enjoyable . If you need an organization system that  helps get your belongings hung up nicely on a wall, Slat wall is the answer. If you need more floor space so you want to get your items up off the floor, an overhead storage rack is the way to go. Need a work bench area? We install a great line of garage cabinets that comes with a solid butcher block work bench. No matter what you have in mind to help get your space organized, we have the solution for you. Everything from the floor to the ceiling we got you covered.

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Slat Wall
Garage Cabinets
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Work Benches
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Overhead Storage

The PVC slat wall that we install is an excellent way to store rakes, shovels, ladders, bikes and so many other things. It's the best option available and is made from 90% recycled PVC and can hold up to 75 lbs./sq. ft. It's available in 4 different colors and comes with a lifetime warranty. The hooks and accessories are easy to move so you can maximize your space.

We offer several different lines of cabinets. Everything from metal cabinets all the way up to cabinets made from 3/4" MDF board that's powder coated to protect it from the elements. Cabinets are a great way to organize your tools so you will always know where they are.

We carry a line of solid Maple butcher block countertops that look great and give you the perfect place to work on projects. We also have a countertop that is powder coated to hold up to just about any punishment you can dish out.

If you're in need of more floor space in your garage or if you need to get things off the floor of your basement, we install overhead storage racks that can hold 600 lbs and has powder coated rails so they are made to last. This storage system is a great way to free up floor space so you can get your car back in the garage.

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Pull Down Stairs
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Canoe and Kayak Hoists
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Bike Racks

If your garage or basement floor needs a makeover, there are a couple different options. Epoxy floors look beautiful and hold up to the elements of the long Wisconsin winters. We also install polypropylene tiles that snap together and really make a garage or basement floor look great.

If you have wasted space in your garage attic, a pull down stairs is a great solution. We install pull down ladders so you can access the storage area above you garage. The area in a garage attic is a great place to store seasonal items so they're not in your way in the off season.

Hoists are a great way to store your canoes and kayaks when they're not in use. There's several different options to choose from. We can install simple rope hoists from your ceiling or install an electric hoist that will lower your canoe or kayak with the push of a button.

Bikes always seem to be in the way but we have the solution for that. There are bike racks that mount to the wall that can hold up to 6 bikes or we can install a rope hoist that can raise your bikes to the ceiling. There are also motorized hoists that we can install that will raise and lower your bikes with the push of a button.

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